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Hi! I'm Gladys Ruby (but just call me Ruby) Welcome to my journal! I'm an anime lover, a music junkie, a tweeting maniac, and a real-life nerd :D In here you'll find various things including but not limited to rants, random thoughts, fangirl moments, real life moments, my insane chatter about my lovely boyfriend, and the occasional fanfics. In complete honesty, I don't mind meeting a person I don't know anything about but we should at least have some things in common right? My life is very boring but if you feel as if we would be great friends come on in and join me
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[Kara no Kyoukai] Thought


Actively Watching
✖ Bleach [36/265+]

Passively Watching
✖ Elfen Lied [02/13]
✖ Naruto [110/220]
✖ Darker Than Black [1/16]
✖ Air [1/15]


To Watch
✖ Mawaru Penguindrum  [24]
✖ Full Metal Alchemist [51]
✖ La Corda d'Oro [26]
✖ The Prince Of Tennis [176]
✖ XxxHolic [24]
✖ Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles [52]
✖ Angel Beats! [13]
✖ Chobits [24]

✔ InuYasha + The Final Act [September 2010]
✔ Rurouni Kenshin + OVA [June 2010]
✔ Yu Yu Hakusho [May 2010] [Finished Re-Watch 09.05.12]
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