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Somewhere Only We Know ✯

If you have a minute why don't we go

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diamonds in the sky
Fruitstyle Designs
Ruby is an iconist in training. Graphics found at la_villa_blanca Adora el anime, reading, escribiendo, music, & fanfiction. Americana de nacimiento, Mexicana de herencia. I speak Spanish, some French, and English & the majority will be in English! Visit Friends Only Post :)

Journal Insane chatter + historias de amor con tu adorable novio <3 = random journal. You'll find a lot about my adorable Geo-Pet and occassional real life rants (including college) which is a pain!

Fandoms: Si amas las novelas, somos friends :3. I love [Yu Yu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin, Pretty Little Liars, Criminal Minds, InuYasha, The Hunger Games & more...

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